25 Organic Vanilla Pods

25 Organic Vanilla Pods

25 Organic Vanilla Pods cured by our experts in Denpasar and shipped to Scotland where our distribution centre is located.


These grade 2 pods are good enough to be used 3x at least, meaning their cost per use is much less than any other pod in the market!


Cut, de-seed, scrape then boil. Reserve. Rinse off, air dry on kitchen paper. Pop into sugar. Allow to dehydrate completely and blitz into powder or pop into a bottle of liquor to make your own vanilla extract.



  • Care Instructions

    Store in the dark, in the packet they arrive in.

    Once open try to keep air tight.

    If they dehydrate then rehydrate before use overnight in cold water or submerged in liquor. We suggest rum, vodka or gin. rinse off before use.

    Over time your pods will dehydrate naturally.

    If you have any problems, just reach out to us on socials or via shop@vanillaism.com