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vanilla activism through tourism

We assist rural communities to develop tourism through enterprises using vanilla as a tool. We are an eco-friendly business, organic to the core, supporting farmers & their families through education, funding & unconditional help for communities to prosper on their own terms. Our learning, technologies & techniques advance the curing process faster & more efficiently ꟷ resulting in "better than Madagscan" Vanilla pods.

Since 2018, we have planted, grown, cured & sold 100% Organic vanilla beans in Bali & across Indonesia. Vanillaism is committed to delivering top-quality products with fair, honest & transparent pricing. All products have full traceability back to the farm of origin. Vanillaism provides practical, ethical, educational & financial support to our farmers & their communities. Our vanilla farmers & community needs are undoubtedly our top priority. Always ethical at heart, empowering the community to work their way out of poverty. We are the only company who genuinely & truly does #rainforesttofork Vanilla pods. Operating a non-profit model to reinvest our profits to help develop tourism & enterprise in their communities to create even more jobs & spread wealth across the average Indonesian.

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