Solikin's Rum Finished Pods

Solikin's Rum Finished Pods

Vanilla pods have a wonderful complexity of flavours, including many shared compounds with lots of liquids...

In the same way sherry, port and wine casks are often used in whisky and rum production to create signature "cask finished" liquids which are different expressions of a well known brand. 

The terroir of wines, whiskies, rums are a fascinating science that we are learning more and more about, and now that learning has been focussed after years of research to create this signature range.


These "Solikin's Rum" finished pods are from Banyuwangi in Java and have a fabulous complexity of flavour including sweet and spicy tasting notes of Banana, honey and oak with a wonderful rich vanilla lingering finish. Pot still rums are notorious for a wonderful heady wash which here mimic the waters and terroir of the Caribbean.