1Kg Grade 2 Banyuwangi Vanilla Pods

1Kg Grade 2 Banyuwangi Vanilla Pods

Our current top wholesale product is new in from Banyuwangi in Java.


Grade 2 pods, from 15 to 20cm in length.

Thick, plump, full of caviar, aged for 9 months on the vine, cured and then conditioned for 6 months are now available to buy exclusively in the UK form us!


These pods can be packed in smaller volumes.

Ask us for details.


ALL of our kilos of pods come plastic free, wrapped in an extra large reuseable vegan waxed cotton wrap which can be cut and used again and again.

The cotton wrap is 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable and 100% ethical, all natural materials.

  • Packing and Storage

    Tell us what you will do with your pods so we can best advise on storage and packing solutions.

    Store air tight and away from light, moisture and heat. 

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£890.00Sale Price