David Buchanan

Chief Vanillaist & Founder

Travelling Private Chef, Avid Conservationist, Yogi, Proud Uncle, Kind , Ethical, Passionate Human.

Passionate traveller with a desire to help Vanilla farmers share their world leading Vanilla pods with chefs and people across the globe!


Vanilla Maverick & Buyer

Ketut works with us connecting small Vanilla farmers across Bali and Indonesia to our network. Providing contacts, growing pods himself and establishing his own growing cooperative. We believe in education, collaboration and co-operation in order to progress Vanillaism. It's a small world as they say, and Bali is a tiny island...


Big Ketut

Head of Curing & Tourism Architect Consultant

Mr Ketut, or Big Ketut as I call him is our vanilla curing oracle. He is also the architect of our Vanillaism Village Tourist HQ.
A legend on the island of the Gods who knows all the movers and shakers. 
We are humbled to have him on board.


Vanilla Farmer, Operations Vanilla Village

Wayan was where it all began for Vanillaism in Bali. He has worked tirelessly to create a haven for tourists and guests alike. You will meet him when you come to visit the project HQ.
His input and effort has taken this once used 2 hectare site abandoned from rice production and restored it to something truly magical!


Secret Scientist

Real Brains behind Vanillaism

One day back in 2018 I had a cup of coffee that would change my life forever. That coffee was in Oxford. Turl St Kitchen, maybe you've heard of it?
A truly defining moment in my life.
Although he prefers to remain anonymous it is his dedication and commitment to helping Indonesia which is our raison d'être.


Vanilla Bean Scout

Utomo does a lot of travelling across Indonesia but is a Bali and Java specialist making contacts with vanilla farmers across the entire country and the many islands (17000+).
His knowledge and expertise has been invaluable to the grass roots connectivity in reaching the best pods.



Vanilla Scout

Solikin, colleague of Utomo is one of our guys on the ground across Indonesia sent out to find the best beans and vines amongst the markets.

His many buying missions have returned many more failures than successes but that is a part of growing and educating people within the industry. We learn more from our failures than our successes but it's down to the guys pounding the streets getting results and answers. Their contribution can be attributed to an indicator species. Sometimes its absence is more significance than its presence.

Our dedicated team members are available to help with all of your needs...

But if you wish to join our team, then please fill in our contact form and tell us what you'd like to bring to Vanillaism and we will review your application.