Thanks for visiting us this

“Yads-lo, Oflir-Pa”

(April Fool's Day)

There will be images and info you can use on your socials here from late on the 31st march 2021...

Pictures are all thanks to our great friend and FujiFilm Ambassador Nabil @elandariphotography

Your pack should contain a "NPD sales info sheet" and an explanatory note that should bring you here...

Inside it contains a test tube of #goldenvanillaism a tube of #smokedvanillaism and some stickers and a re-useable waxed cotton wrap as well.

The idea is simple, create a post or series of posts, stories, reels and see how many of your friends, followers and or colleagues you can fool!

You all do great food/cooking in your own fields, and it's important for us to have a good cross section of abilities and origins for content. So pitch an interesting idea for a dish, and use the pictures from Nabil and or some of the other footage. Be sure to use the hashtags as you'll then see other people's posts and shares. Make sure you tag @vanillaismdotcom so I definitely see it and I can add it to my stories. I will repost anything that I see as the day progresses too.

If you have any friends or colleagues in the press or in media, then make sure you tag them and try to get them to share and give credence to your posts.

Prizes to be won!

Any problems, reach out via DM socials, WhatsApp or email, we will be standing by to share and repost anything you do and are keen to see who you can dupe!

Remember there will be prizes for the best contributions, so screenshot your chats and create a bit of banter...