Welcome Heroes!

Or should it be Heroes Welcome? 


Pay It Forward

QEUH Heroes 

Vanillaism is passionate about helping others. In whatever guise that takes, sometimes by giving them free Vanilla products, sometimes by helping other projects, collaborations with other groups, sometimes we bake!

By far the greatest honour is being able to give the gift of making other people smile.
Making people happy through food has been my life's work to date. It is definitely a privilege to be able to bring some cheer to you heroes during a crisis such as Covid.

My hope is that if I have paid forward some kindness via these treats and that comes back to others then it has all been a worthwhile exercise.

You don't need my plaudits, I know you do this because you are special people. A cut above the rest.

My final hope is that your family, friends, loved ones and colleagues are safe and healthy. And for those who have passed I'd like to think my late wee granny Mary (97 and a half don't you know!?!) is up there facilitating some further good cheer. She was my baking inspiration since childhood. You took such great care of her when needed over the years. Thank you is not enough, but I hope these treats make you smile.
Know that the vanilla farmers, their families and their communities have been overwhelmed by the support and generosity of kind strangers from across the globe supporting my fundraising efforts to provide them with much needed food aid during this crisis. Who knew so many people who I considered friends be kind enough to say they liked my topknot when secretly they did not...

These treats are all baked with the best, organic, ethical products that we can source and our Organic Vanilla pods take things to the next level of deliciousiosityness.

From my extended global community, to your NHS family...

Terima Kasih

le chef,