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What is a Vanillaist?

We commit to making the world a better place...

What can we all do to make real differences and cause change?

Many small steps, make giant leaps
so anything we can do to reduce our impact on the

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Vanillaism Pledges

Our top tips include:-

  • Say NO to single use plastics whether coffee cups, cutlery, plastic bags or pre packed vegetables

  • Invest in reusable travel mugs for teas and coffees e.g. Ecoffee

  • Take Tote bags or bags for life to the supermarket or when out shopping

  • Say no to products containing any palm oil, see Iceland's Xmas Advert

  • Swap back to old fashioned soap bars, moving away from single use plastic bottles

  • Make better consumer choices, money really does talk when it comes to big business

  • Think about off-setting your carbon footprint with us or another online source, calculate your footprint here

  • Re-use, re-pair, swap and recycle clothes, books & other items to reduce demand for new

  • Like, share and retweet messages on social media platforms to highlight the planet's problems

  • try using Ecosia as your web browser instead of google to help them plant trees

  • support small, local independent suppliers be it farms, gift stores or restaurants committed to thinking local

  • Think local, eat global whilst considering the food miles on your plate, perhaps try #meatfreemondays?

  • Contact your local councillors or MPs & House of Lords to demand action on climate change!

Instagram Investigation

If y ou're not sure how you can make a difference in your local community or the wider world start searching on Instagram or Twitter. I found an amazing world of people out there doing similar things which tick our ethos boxes and it's always great to share and support other causes, small businesses and community groups spreading good vibes

Top 3 tips

How did I reduce my consumerism?

I (have always) bought quality items when it comes to fashions and possesions, but now I only buy made in China as a last resort.

Stop using Nespresso capsules, even if you're recycling them. Buy an eco green reusable stainless steel capsule kit and work with a local coffee roaster producing interesting blends which make a far superior cup of coffee!

Commit to buying ethically sourced, hand dived or line caught fish, grass fed local (Scottish in my case) beef and lamb and only buy vegetables and produce that is local and in season. It's not easy, but I will be uploading more and more food content to help you with seasonality in coming months...